It is sad but true that some dealers rig their Roulette wheels to deprive players of their money. If you have never gambled before, please read this article before laying your first money bet. Now. let's understand the game basics. Every Roulette wheel is divided into a several numbered slots ( 0 to 36). American Roulette wheels have a separate slot for a Double Zero (00). Thus, there are 38 slots in American Roulette. The game begins by revolving this wheel.

How does the dealer rig the wheel?

As soon as the wheel begins revolving, the dealer drops a ball upon it. If the ball stops at your desired number, you win your bet and some money. But some dishonest dealers do all kinds of tricks to stop you from winning. They will trip the ball and force it to stop at a particular section on the wheel head. While many casinos have installed plastic shields around the wheel track to stop ball tripping, some dealers still rig the wheel.

You can rig the Roulette wheel by placing a very small trip pin on the wheel track. This pin can be moved vertically by a cable which is attached to a lever. When the dealer presses this lever with his foot, the small pin dislodges the ball in the track and forces it to fall inside the wheel head. In many cases, dealers force the ball to fall inside the Zero or the Double Zero basket.

What are the other ways to rig the wheel?

Some dealers synchronize the speed of the wheel with the ball. You can do this by pressing a brake hidden under the table. Nobody knows about this brake except for the dealer. When the ball slows down and touches the pin, it jumps off the track and falls inside the wheel head where there is no or little betting activity. But can you spot the pin? Actually, the answer is NO. This pin is very small and can't be seen at all.

Dealers hide this pin in a way that nobody can see it clearly. As this trip pin is situated near the betting layout, you can't notice it easily. Besides, the hole of the pin is too minuscule to be noticed. The diameter of this pin is no more than the pin of the sewing machine. Dealers also block the Red and Black pockets with levers. This is done by placing minute blocking needles at the entrance of these pockets.

Can you rig an online Roulette wheel?

It's possible, but not many online casinos do this. The main reason is that licenced online casinos have to follow so many rules to stay in business. We will come to this aspect later after talking about random number generators. Most online cssinos have RNGs with them. An RNG is basically a computer that runs all the games on the casino. Of course, wen't including live dealer games in this category. Can you rig an RNG?

No, you can't rig a random number generator. This computer is extremely complex and is always monitored by third party auditors. There are several such trusted auditors, and some of them are eCOGRA, AGCC, etc. Gamblers trust casinos which work with these auditors. If your casino has a seal of approval from eCOGRA, etc., then your Roulette wheel is safe and can't be rigged. But if yu feel otherwise, please contact any independent dispute redressal body.

Why are licensed casinos important?

Every licenced casino must follow all the rules laid down by the authorities. Any gambling website that doesn't follow these rules risks being banned by the government. Licenced gambling websites have to ensure that their games are fair, and payments made regularly. You can locate your casino's license number, etc. in the bottom area of the homepage. If there is no license information there, please contact your casino immediately. You should always play on licensed online casinos.